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Grade 5+ Anti-Racism

Totally Tolerant: Spotting and Stopping Prejudice


Diane Webber & Laurie Mandel



Vignettes and quotes from teens are the essence of these books, pulling young readers in with dramatic accounts of how others made certain choices or experienced situations and learned from them in hopes that others can as well. A fourteen-year-old of mixed race says in Totally Tolerant, "I'm not going to try to act like something that I'm not. I wasn't raised that way," responding to the expectation that she be like other black youth in her school. Statistics, quizzes, historical photos that illustrate prejudice in the 1950s and even recent news stories such as the Jena Six are peppered throughout for a professional perspective. The young reader is also motivated to think critically and use other tools such as journaling or volunteering to create change in their own lives. 0531205258
Grade 5+ Anti-Racism

Racism and Prejudice: Why is it Wrong?

Jane Bingham


Gives the lowdown on important issues that affect young people, their friends or family. From the bare facts to hands-on help, the series offers support and advice for coping with challenging or painful situations. 0431210330
Grade 5+ Anti-Racism

Racism (Face the Facts)

Adrian Cooper

A study of racism for teenagers. Based on the "Need to Know" series, the "Just the Facts" titles aim to educate teenagers about a range of issues without patronizing the reader or simplifying the issue. Each volume has a sophisticated look to appeal to teenagers, includes a range of real-life case studies, and offers the details of organizations that can offer help, support and more information. 1410900479
6ième + Anti-Racisme

Faire face aux intolérances: racisme, sexisme, préjugé…

Philippe Godard

L'intolérance peut naître d'injustices quotidiennes que chacun subit mais aussi peut commettre sans toujours s'en rendre compte. L'auteur décrypte les actes antisociaux en 9 chapitres, pour une meilleure prise de conscience du comportement social individuel. Il évoque à travers des études de cas l'intolérance religieuse, le racisme, la violence ou encore la dictature du groupe. 2732438723
Grade 5+ Anti-Racism The Kit: A Manual by Youth to Combat Racism Through Education (2 copies, binding)

The KIT is an incredible resource that every teacher can use. It has many links to the explicit curriculum as well as the implicit curriculum. It includes a backgrounder on anti-racism education as well as an action project outline on getting youth into other classrooms, clubs and organizations running workshops on anti racism education. The KIT is composed of 3 main sections:

SECTION 1: Information Section- This is a very clearly detailed and thorough section that provides the basis of the information that is to be discussed and understood in the activities. This section includes information on multiculturalism, xenophobia, political and institutional issues with regards to systemic racism. It also includes a section on Society and Culture where racism related to contemporary themes such as first nations is discussed. There is a discussion of the 10 basic principles of anti-racism education as well as the importance of anti racism education. There are very useful charts throughout this section. There are also very inspiring and thoughtful quotes throughout. As well, there is a timeline along the bottom of the page that continues throughout the booklet of the important dates related to issues of racism in Canada and the broader context starting in 1627 until 2000. The key concepts of anti-racism are defined and include: colonialism, culture, discrimination, employment equity, ethnocentricism, immigration, indigenous, internalized oppression, minority group, multiculturalism, prejudice, race, racism, refugees and stereotypes. There is also a myth and misconception section and an explanation of why the misconception is not true.

SECTION 2: Tools This section is broken down into 2 parts. The first describes how to use the kit in different settings. The KIT's purpose is to allow youth to be educated on issues related to racism. They describe how students can use the KIT once they have gone through the activities in it. There are templates on how to do an action project through letter writing, phone calls, meetings and an evaluation template. There are also good examples of how to facilitate. The second is the list and the how to’s of the activities. There are 9 activities described ranging in length of 15 min to 45 min. The activities look at themes such as: integration, assimilation, difference, intercultural communication, proactive anti-racism, identifying racism and discrimination, environmental racism, diversity, power, oppression, stereotypes, self awareness, culture identity, self esteem, language. 1. The Silent Discussion- quiet individual reflection 2. Culture Game- interactive activity 3. What Can We Do About Racism- group discussion 4. Vrantis and Me- identity and names, poetry and skit 5. When We Know Who We Are- self reflection discussion 6. Environmentalism and Racism- case study 7. Reflecting on Canadian Society- self reflection and action plan 8. Social Justice and Diversity- poetry discussion and action plan 9. Unpacking the Privilege Knapsack- individual reflection and discussion

SECTION 3: Resources There is a very through list of organizations to contact for more information for the users of the guide to feel confident in doing workshops. There is an extensive list of books, educational training materials an films for further information. This is an excellent resource.



Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

Deborah Hodge & John Mantha

From the First Nations’ arrival thousands of years ago to the immigrants of today, this book successfully tackles the history of Canadian immigration. In a well organized format, personalized by stories and first person accounts of immigrants after their arrival, the book describes reasons for immigration. The selective immigration policies of the Canadian government and hostility towards certain ethnic groups is validated. Contributions of famous Canadians from various races and cultures are honored. Through mini profiles, maps, first person accounts, historical information and archival documents Canadian history takes on real and multiple faces. 155337483
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness Anti-Racism

Talking Walls: Activity Guide & Talking Walls: The Stories Continue w/ teacher's guide

Margy Burns Knight

This book provides a unique introduction to the history and beliefs of a diverse group of cultures. In each of the 14 double-page spreads, Knight journeys to a new location, presenting information and folklore about famous walls all over the world. Some of the choices are obvious: the Great Wall of China, the Lascaux Cave, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Berlin Wall. Others are less traditional but imaginatively appropriate: the Mexican murals of Diego Rivera, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Nelson Mandela's prison walls. Although each vignette is brief, the author holds readers' interest with personalized stories, such as the one of a young boy who proudly chalks his handprint next to those of his ancestors on an Aborigine cave wall, or the Jewish child who solemnly places his handwritten Hebrew prayer in a crevice of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Additional information is provided at the back of the book, as are two simple maps and endpapers that feature the word for wall in 36 languages. 0884481549
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

Teenage Refugees From Mexico Speak Out (In Their Own Voices)

Gerry Hadden

These series entries shed light on the immigrant experience of adolescents coming primarily from the third world. Both titles begin with brief introductions that describe the socioeconomic and political conditions that shaped these teenagers' lives in their native countries and compelled them to seek a better life here. The rest of the text is comprised of short personal narratives by the young people, who recount bittersweet memories of their homeland, families and friends left behind, the often-harrowing rigors of entering the U.S., and the realities of life for immigrants. One is struck by the terrible hardships that these teenagers have endured. Separation from loved ones is commonplace as parents and siblings gain entry to the U.S. at different intervals or not at all. In the case of the Guatemalans, many have lost family members in the political violence that occurred there. Despite the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture, most of the narrators express gratitude for the educational and career opportunities available to them now. Black-and-white photographs depicting life in the highlighted country amplify the teens' descriptions of their homelands. 0823924416
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

Teens in Mexico

Baumgart & Brian

Mexico's young people are growing up in a country of contrasts. The lives of urban teens vary widely from those in rural areas. And while a small minority of wealthy families can afford private education, the latest technologies, and other luxuries, the majority of people live in poverty. Yet despite these struggles, Mexico's young people find escape and excitement in celebrating their heritage and traditions. Teens in Mexico is part of Global Connections, a series that uncovers the challenges, pastimes, and customs of teens around the world. 075652072x
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

Teens in Japan

Donovan & Sandy

For most Japanese teens, success in school is their primary focus. But despite the pressure to excel in their studies, Japanese teens also find time to go shopping, play baseball, or spend time on their cell phones. While Japanese teens value individual expression, they also find comfort in the traditions that have been a part of their culture for centuries. Teens in Japan is part of Global Connections, a series that uncovers the challenges, pastimes, and customs of teens around the world. 0756531934
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

Teens in India

Shores & Lori

Teens in India live in one of the fastest growing countries in the world. India is filled with signs of a strong economy, including technology, industrial growth, and an explosion of shopping centers. Many teens devote time to studies, while others are in the workforce earning income their families need to survive. Indian teens are connected through the traditions of their religions, family, and culture. Teens in India is part of Global Connections, a series that uncovers the challenges, pastimes, and customs of teens around the world. 0756520711
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

Teens in Peru

Donovan & Sandy

Peruvian teens lead very different lives, depending on where they live and their family's position in society. They can live high in the Andes mountains, like their ancestors hundreds of years ago, or in huge cities overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They celebrate holidays based on Incan ritual and Catholic tradition, watch bullfights in huge arenas, and cheer on their favorite sports teams. Teens in Peru is part of Global Connections, a series that uncovers the challenges, pastimes, and customs of teens around the world. 0756538521
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness

How People Live

Dena Freeman

This contemporary and very appealing cultural atlas is akin to visiting a particularly well-designed museum exhibit about the people of the world. Though by her own admission there are far too many groups to fit into one book, Freeman makes a valiant effort to include as many as is practical and still keep the book to a manageable size, which is not an easy task. Hundreds of vibrant color photographs interspersed with short paragraphs of text describe all manner of cultural events and artifacts from every corner of the globe. The book is organized by continent, with each section introduced with a general description of the inhabitants, a political map, and abbreviated tables of pertinent statistics on such topics as language, population, and religion. Each introduction is followed by several two-page chapters on countries, geographical regions, or specific cultural or ethnic groups. 0789498677
Grade 5+ Respect, Social Responsibility

Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World

Jane Breskin Zalben

This handsome volume highlights 16 individuals who have worked to improve conditions for others through their words and actions. Included are writers, philosophers, civil rights advocates, and politicians, many of whom are Nobel Peace Prize recipients. The book focuses on celebrated individuals such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Cesar Chavez, and Elie Wiesel. Also covered are those newer to recognition, such as Wangari Maathai, who works for conservation in Kenya, and Aung San Suu Kyi, who fights for democracy in Myanmar. The well-written, single-page vignettes provide an interesting glimpse into the lives of these people and will pique readers' curiosity and encourage them to learn more. Each biography is surrounded by an eye-catching border and faces a full-page illustration and quote from the subject. Made from fabric, etchings, watercolor, and found objects, the collages reflect Zalben's interpretation of these individuals, and the appended notes explain the various symbols and materials in the pictures. For example, Mahatma Gandhi's entry mentions his 1930 Salt March to end an unfair law, while the illustration depicts an abstract beach scene sprinkled with real sea salt, and Indian paper borders the text. The accomplished, vibrant artwork and the graceful narrative clearly express each person's character, approach to life, and accomplishments, making this an enticing introduction to a diverse group of peacemakers.– 0525477349
Grade 5+ Cultural Awareness, Social Responsibilty

Listen To Us! The World's Working Children

Jane Springer

A comprehensive study of child labor, backed with statistics on wealth, population, and type. Forms of exploitation in many countries are described, from the young carpet weavers of Nepal, to the training of boys as soldiers in Mozambique, to migrant workers, and even to the employment of teenagers for low wages in our consumer society. Individual stories of oppression and of protest lighten the emphasis on economic facts, legal rights, and goals for effecting change. The author has had years of experience working with UNICEF, which has provided many of the photographs. A well-designed cover and pages with photographs of children from many lands draw the eye to this large-sized book with generous margins and an attractive layout. The problem of child labor has been underreported in juvenile publications, and Springer's well-researched book provides reliable and up-to-date information to spark discussion and action.




Grade 5+ Respect, Social Responsibility

Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity and Put-Downs

Sandra McLeod Humphrey

The title says it all! Kids today have it tough. They are constantly faced with peer pressure, bullying, and harassment, yet so many of them do not know how to handle such situations. So here's what we have. Real stories with real social problems, written in such a way that kids can understand and relate to these stories. The best part is that at the end of each story, the author offers excellent critical-thinking questions that kids can use to discuss not only the story, but give them a way in which to use it in their own lives. This is an excellent resource for raising self-esteem and establishing good social values. 1591025699
Grade 5+ Respect, Social Responsibility

It's Up to You…what do you do?

Sandra McLeod Humphrey

It's Up To You... What Do You Do? The sequel to If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do? continues with twenty-five new stories. Each story covers a different topic concerning questions of character and ethics. They are fun to read and accompanied by illustrations that kids enjoy. Another great way to prepare kids for tough decisions in the future and a fun way for parents and teachers to share in the process. 1591020778
Grade 5+ Respect, Social Responsibility

If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?

Sandara McLeod Humphrey

Grade 5+ Respect, Social Responsibility

More If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do?

Sandra Mcleod Hmphrey

How important is winning, and does it really matter how we win? What do you think determines a person's "worth" -- how much money he or she has? Can you have lots of friends and still be lonely? When other people are telling you what to do, how do you decide what is right for you? In this sequel to her popular first book, IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?, psychologist Sandra McLeod Humphrey encourages parents and teachers to talk to children about values and to help them formulate their own personal value system in the face of peer pressure, even when following their own conscience means going it alone. Children can easily identify with the twenty-six scenarios presented, and the questions at the end of each chapter encourage productive, in-depth discussions about the moral choices suggested by each story. Kids will enjoy reading through each short situation and then deciding what they would do. 1573922633
Grade 5+ Self-Esteem, Social Responsibility

What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide To Building Character

Barbera A. Lewis

This book focuses on encouraging children to see the value in developing values, not because of any current fashion or political trend, but because honesty, empathy, integrity, and other core values are necessary to form the confident and capable good neighbors, teachers, businesspeople, politicians, and clergy of tomorrow. The book assumes that each individual wants to be a person of good character. It teaches children how to recognize a situation or choice, weigh the options, think it through, and make a decision that is right for them and those around them. Divided into 28 chapters, each focusing on a value like integrity, respect, citizenship, honesty, leadership, and responsibility, the book challenges readers to think about positive character traits, encouraging them to understand themselves and their role in the world around them. Each chapter poses character dilemmas to spark discussion and debate, and helps children explore what they stand for--with suggested activities to try at school, at home, and in their community. The book also guides young readers to a wide array of additional resources such as related books, organizations, programs, and Web sites. Contains reproducible pages. 1575421747
Grade 5+ Self-Esteem, Social Responsibility

104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, Coping Skills

Alanna E. Jones

Formerly titled The Wrecking Ball, this popular book makes teaching and learning by playing games a simple and fun experience. This book contains games that can be used to encourage people to modify their behavior, increase interaction with others, start discussions, address issues and build relationships. This book contains 104 games that do all this plus give people skills in coping, teamwork, self-esteem, communication, anger management and self-discovery. These games can be used in any setting with minimal resources and on any budget. It’s more that pen/pencil worksheets; it’s interactive and fun! 0966234138
Grade 5+ Anti-Racism

Racism: Deal With It Before It Gets Under Your Skin

Anne Marie Aikins

Respect, Friendship & loyalty, Perseverance & Determination

Trios Country Pack Mexico Grade 5 (6 x3 titles + Teacher's Guide) 19 items

Pearson Education

In this series: Hidden Heritage, Where Did the Maya Go?, Lost in Time Trios promotes values education within the context of literacy development for students in Grades 3 to 6. Students are offered an engaging variety of leveled fiction and non-fiction texts that explore the diversity and richness of many cultures. Books are organized in sets of three, with each set highlighting a different country. For each country, the trio of books includes: A Photo Essay -snapshots of children’s lives seen through the eyes of professional photographers -additional information provided in illustrations, questions, “newsflashes,” sidebars, maps A Fiction Story -stories indigenous to featured countries that reflect their art, culture, and values -included are traditional tales, legends, plays, verses, mysteries, fantasies, and contemporary stories, all imaginatively illustrated A Biography -narrative accounts of historical figures or events, with factual information to support the retelling Teacher’s Guide -ideas for using the books in a variety of contexts that draw on the flexibility of the program -planning charts that identify the level of each text; highlight text and visual features; list key vocabulary -tips for teaching with the photo essays, fiction titles, and biographies, with suggestions for before, during, and after reading -suggestions for using the series to teach values and social responsibility -a range of generic line masters, including activities and criteria for self-assessment or teacher feedback, where appropriate 0132002329 0132002302 0132002310 0132003082


Starla Griffin

More than forty 13-years-old girls from all over the world share their hopes and dreams in this ground breaking book. Girl 13, unites the voices of girls from every continent. Auther Starla Graffin has travelled the world interviewing and photographing 13-year-old girls, giving a voice to a new generation of young women. 1-59258-1129