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  Grade 9+ Global Justice, Social Responsibility, Global Awareness

Child Labour: Costly at any Price (Binding)

Development Canada

This resource was written to help educators raise the awareness of their students on the issue of child labour. This means exposing child labour as a gross violation of children’s rights that will only be eliminated when there is the political will to stop it. Public awareness and outrage is an important factor in creating political will. Child labour is a complex issue. It is a violation of children’s human rights and their special rights as children. Yet one of the primary reasons children are violated and exploited is because they are children. They are young, often unaware of their rights and easily manipulated. For those who wish to maximize their profits in an exploitative manner, children are ideal labourers. Children and youth in all parts of the world, exploited or not, are entitled to knowledge of their rights and the means to defend them. This resource focuses on the underlying causes of exploitative child labour and how child labour is in fact a global problem that has its roots in the economic relationships of rich, developed countries to poorer, less developed countries. Our ultimate objective is that the activities we have designed in this curriculum unit will empower students to find solutions, voice their concerns and take action on the issue of child labour. 0000
  Secondaire Anti-Racisme

La Trousse


La TROUSSE est le fruit des Forums jeunesse contre le racisme, un projet national de l’Association canadienne pour les Nations Unies (ACNU). La TROUSSE comporte trois sections : information, outils, ressources. La section Information vous explique ce qu’est le racisme, quelques notions de base pour vous mettre au parfum sur le sujet, tout ent en défiant quelques mythes et croyances populaires sur le racisme. Vous voulez parler de la notion de privilège qui découle du racisme, pratiquer la communication interculturelle, tenir un débat sur le racisme au Canada? La section Outils propose une gamme d’ateliers interactifs pour tous les âges et les intérêts, ainsi qu’un « guide pratico-pratique » pour les organiser. Les personnes qui veulent aller plus loin dans leurs lectures, leurs actions et leurs réflexions trouveront une multitude de livres, de films, d’organisations jeunesse et de matériel éducatif dans la section Ressources. Enfin, la TROUSSE est caractérisée d’une ligne du temps présentant des faits historiques du Canada sur le racisme. 0000
Secondary + Anti-Racism

Understanding Race, Ethinicity, & Power

Elaine Pinderhughes

Understanding Race Ethinicity and Power enhances cross-cultural awareness by examining the influence of race and ethinic identity upon the psychologivall and social dynamics of interactions among individuals from diverse backgrounds. The contents presented in this book are derived from the efforts of practitioners to develop such integration and use their cultural self-understanding as a backdrop for examining general principles about cultural dynamics as they affect human functioning and clinical practice. 0-02-925341-1

Combatting racism in the workplace -- a course for workers

Barb Thomas, Charles Novagrodsky


This book outlines ten sessions designed to help workers learn about and work together against racism. A healthy learning environment allows for a fair amount of ambiguity in both learners and teachers. 0-9691-60-2-5

Race and Curriculum

Cameron McCarthy

This books discusses theories of how race, class and gender interact and of how economic, political and cultural power act in education . It focuses on the strengths , limitation and programmatic implications of current mainstream curriculum and educational research on the relationship of racial inequality to schooling. Special attention is paid to the limits and possiblities of the value-oriented thesis of multiculturalism that mainstream liberal educators have championed within the last fifteen years . 1-85000-683-0