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Resource for Parents &Teachers

Embracing Cultural Diversity, A Resource Guide for Canadian Parents

Pat Aitken

This Guide tells you why you should talk to your children about diversity, and how you can do it. It gives you suggestions for activities you can do with your child or children, and offers strategies for relating to your child's school. Finally, it provides lists of other resources for parents and children. 1896350332
Ressource pour parents et professeurs

Épouser la diversity culturelle, Un guide de ressources pour les parents canadiens

Pat Aitken

Ce guide vous indique les raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez parlez de la diversité à vos enfants en plus de la façon de s’y prendre. Il offre des suggestions d’activités à entreprendre avec votre enfant et même des stratégies permettant de faire le lien avec l’école de votre enfant. Finalement, le guide propose des liste de ressources pour les parents et les enfants. 1896350349
Resource for Teachers Multicultural Education in a Global Society Multicultural Education in a Global Society aims to extend the horizons within which multicultural education is viewed and its objectives achieved. It is written to encourage educators to adopt a multicultural approach in their teaching, offering detailed goals in knowledge, attitudes, values and skills. 1850005583
Resource for Teachers Reducing Adolescent Prejudice, A Handbook For teachers and teachers-in-training, the book makes a much needed contribution in the area of prejudice reduction. It gives units of instruction for each of the seven commonly taught social studies areas—concept development, United States history, world history, United States government, sociology, psychology and economics. Because the book includes both sample interdisciplinary lessons and lessons in specific subject areas, it can be used by any social studies teacher regardless of the course being taught. Teachers can make prejudice reduction an objective in their existing curriculum, rather than tacking it on as an extra, as is often the case. To guide students as they examine problems related to prejudice, the authors identify major concepts such as stereotypes, discrimination, and scapegoating. They specify thinking processes the students can use, moving from first level processes such as interpreting and comparing to higher-level processes such as analyzing and evaluating. Overall, they provide valuing processes that contribute to the development of a positive attitude. 080772601x
Global Justice, Social Responsibility, Global Awareness

Multicultural Education


This study by several well-known experts discusses the various ways, means and problems associated with providing a mainstream education for children of ethnic minorities in OECD countries. In particular, it closely looks at cultural diversity in educational programes in OECD countries, and how societies can use their education systems to preserve minoriy cultures and languages. 00000000
Diversity, Respect, Anti-Racism

The New Leaders:Guidelines on leadreship Diversity In America

Ann M.Morrison

This book provides information and guidelines regarding the practices that have worked in organizations noted for their progress on diversity, particularly at the management level. Part one discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating diversity into a business strategy. Part two covers the practices used to foster diversity. It covers a threefold strategy -education, enforcement and exposure-designed to open up higher levels of mangement to nontraditional managers. Part three covers one step in the process of developing a coherent diversity plan that can be tailored to an organization's specific needs. 0000000

Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada

Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada


This book in English and French deals with some very common questions and facts about multiculturalism. 0-662-58589-5

Building Board Diversity

Jennifer M Rutledge

The purpose of this book is to help improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening their boards of directors. The book involves assessment that will lead to identifying strong board candidates with the background, characteristics and skill that an organization needs. The purpose of Building Board Diversity is to encourage board and senior staff to look at board composition with clear eyes to examine the organization;s mission. 0-925299-40-5

A Manual of Structured Experiences For Cross-Cultural Learning

William H. Weeks, Paul B.Pedersen, Richard W.Brisl

A manual of structured experiences for cross-cultural learning is a collection of exercises that have been used sucessfully in training programs and classrooms. This book is designed to stimulate learning and interaction in multiciltural groups. Each exercise has clearly stated objective and easy-to-follow instructions, This manual is a basic reference for trainers and educators. 0-933662-05-x

A Matter Of Balance

Department of the Secretary of State of Canada


This book discusses language and minorities and provides several guidlines. It is in English and French. 00000

Racism in Canadian Schools




Rasicm in College Athletics

Dana Brooks, Ronald Althouse

This book is about racism in American college sports. The text is divided in four major sections: (a) Historical analysis of racism and critical events; (b) Recruitment, Retention and Mobility in college Athletics; (c ) Gender and Race Intersections in college athletics; and ( d) Analysis of racism and future prospects for change. 0-9627926-2-4
Friendship & Loyalty, Peace, Responsibility & Commitment

Teaching Wigwams

Ron Common, Lorraine Frost

This book discusses various aspects of Native education. It discusses the models of governance, increased participation and involvement in education. Section two deals with students' needs and aspirations. Emphasis has been given to curriculum and special education.

Ron Common is a member of the Nipissing District Human Rights Hall of Fame.

Diversity, Respect, Anti-Racism

Deadlines & Diversity; Journalism Ethics in a Changing World

Valerie Alia, Brian Brennan & Barry Hoffmaster

This book discusses various aspects of journalism. It discusses the moral, principle and ethical sides of journalism. It also discusses objectivity and subjectivity: the politics and ethics of inclusion, journalistic codes and conflicts. 1-895686-54-7
Responsibility & Commitment, Friendship & Loyalty, Emapthy & Compassion

Minorities and Media

Clint C.Wilson II, Felix Gutierrez

This books contains five sections. Part one is the introduction to racial diversity and communication media. Part 2 discusses the entertainment media's portrayals. Part 3 is all about non entertainment media portrayals. Part 4 deals with the triple threat of minority media activism. 0-8039-2637-5
Global Justice, Social Responsibility, Global Awareness

Employement Equity Policy in Canada / Politique d'equite en matiere d'emploi au Canada

Abigail B Bakan, Audrey Kobayashi


The book is in two section english and french. It discusses various topics including employment equity, systemic oppression and diversity. It has a brief overview of provincial policy , and federal context in relation to employement equity. A separate section is dedicated to the rise and fall of employement equity legislation in Ontario. 0-662-28160-8

Multiculturalism in Canada

Augie Fleras, Jean Leonard Elliott

Discusses various aspects of multiculturalism in Canada. Topics such as celebrating diversity: multiculturalism as ideology and forging unity from diversity are discussed. 0-17-603512-5

Mae Chee Kaew

Bhikkhu Silaratano

This book presents the life of a woman who reached the pinnacle of Bhuddhist practice in her lifetime. 978-611-90205-0-4
Organization, Management

Competitive Advantages Through Diversity

Peter Herriot, Carole Pemberton

How can organizations foster the innovation and learning so central to survival and success? This stimulating book argues that effective organization is the process of collaborative learning-drawing on and developing the capacity of every menber of an organization to know beyond existing parameters and experience. This is an important reading for students and profesionals in human resources and personnel management, organizational psychology, and organizational change, and for all those concerned with issues of organizational learning and innovation. 0-8039-8885-0
Workplace + Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism at Work

Barb Thomas

This book is primarily intended for managers of human services organizations and for front line trainers. It offers useful guidelines to those who are in a position to influence or initiate multicultural change in their organization. 0-919313-51-5

Action Access Diversity

Unites Way of Greater Toronto

This guide is about change, eliminating barriers and achiving the full participation of ethno-racial groups as volunteers, staff and clients of social service agencies. It is based upon a model of multicultural organization changes developed by the United Way of Greater Toronto. This model , tested in 27 agencies, is designed to enhance the capacity of the voluntary social services sector to respond effetively to the needs of Canada's increasingly diverse population. 000
Human Rights

Paying the price / Un Prix Trop Eleve

Ontario Human Rights Commission

This books contains the "Human Cost of Racial Profiling" inquiry report, and its recommendations for future action. The focus has primarily been on whether racial profiling exists in Ontario, who engages in it, who is targeted, whether it is legitimate practice and what can be done to prevent it. 000
Education / Multiculturalism

Education in a Multicultural Society

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

Studies multicultural and anti-racism education in a Winnipeg school division, with an overview of key concepts and components based on a review of Canadian litrature. 1-895752-22-1
  Anti-Racism Resource Guide for Teachers

The Rainbow of Hope

The Nipissing Board Ethnocultural Committee

This binder was designed in response to a need identified by the teachers of the former Nipissing Board of Education. It is designed as a working document to assist teachers in the development of integrated units that address components of the issue of racism. The Rainbow of Hope was created for Nipissing teachers. References and resources are, for the most part, local. The binder includes sections on The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, learning activities, project suggestions, lesson plans, literature-based integration, community resources, book reviews and much more. 000
Don Curry et. al.

This 24-page newspaper was published in 2005 by the North Bay Nugget, Sault Star and Timmins Daily Press as part of the Debwewin Project, funded by Canadian Heritage. The project was carried out in 2004 and involved questionnaires and interviews with people in each city.

Debwewin is the eastern Ojibway word for "truth" and means literally "to speak from the heart." The newspaper tells the stories of people in the three Northern Ontario cities that have experienced racism first-hand. It also speaks to solutions, such as increased education.

The library has hard copies of the newspaper, which is also available digitally at www.debwewin.ca

Don Curry is the Executive Director of the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre.