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North Bay Immigration Portal Launch


MPP and Minister of Tourism Monique Smith was on hand at the Best Western Hotel in North Bay January 11, 2010 for the launch of the North Bay Immigration Portal. Portal development was through funds from the Province of Ontario. More than 30 people attended a morning professional development session with Dr. Lionel Laroche, the portal launch and afternoon strategic planning session for the North Bay Newcomer Network

Mayor Victor Fedeli spoke about the baby boom generation retiring in great numbers and the need for skilled immigrants in North Bay.

Laura-Jane Coté, Local Immigration Partnership Project Officer with the North Bay Newcomer Network, led an afternoon session of strategic planning.

Marla Tremblay, economic development officer for the city and co-chair of the North Bay Newcomer Network, was a driving force behind the development of the immigration portal.

MP Anthony Rota spoke about his grandfather arriving at Ellis Island with only a name of someone he knew in North Bay to guide him. Immigrant settlement services did not exist at that time.

Dr. Lionel Laroche did a morning workshop on the challenges faced by internationally trained professionals when they come to Canada.